January 13th, Latest forecast

  • 13 Jan 2022


A fine pleasant day with unbroken sunshine once any remaining fog has cleared, however the fog will quickly re-form once again, at first affecting just rural parts but become widespread and dense in many places towards evening.
Temperature 6-8°C
Wind northeast 3-6mph

Clear skies at first but fog will develop quickly through the evening to affect many parts of the island overnight. A slight frost is possible, especially at first.
Temperature 2-4°C
Wind northeast 2-5mph

Dense and widespread fog to start the day although some southern coastal parts will see a somewhat lower risk than elsewhere. As the morning goes on the fog will slowly lift and start to break up to allow good sunny spells, however there is the potential for some of the fog patches to remain throughout the day.
Temperature 6-7°C where the fog clears but closer to 4°C in the foggier areas
Wind northeast 4-8mph becoming east-northeast later