January 14th, Latest forecast

  • 14 Jan 2022


Any remaining mist patches will clear to allow a day of unbroken sunshine. Once again it will feel pleasant in the light winds.
Temperature 7-9°C
Wind east-northeast 4-10mph

Clear spells at first but low cloud will push in from the channel along with a few mist and fog patches developing in more northern and western parts. A slight frost will develop away from windward coasts.
Temperature 0-2°C in central and northern parts, 2-4°C elsewhere and around 7°C on windward coasts
Wind east-northeast 5-12mph becoming south later

A somewhat cloudier day than the last few days, although a few brighter spells are still likely.
Temperature 6-8°C
Wind south-southwest 5-10mph becoming 7-14mph for a time before easing back to 3-8mph later