June 19th, Latest forecast

  • 19 Jun 2022

A lot of cloud about through the day with some patchy, showery rain at times. It will feel rather chilly compared to recent days.
Temperature 16-18°C
Wind north-northeast 14-26mph
Rainfall 0-2mm

Cloudy at first, still with the risk of a few showers, although later in the night the cloud will gradually break to allow some clear spells by dawn.
Temperature 12-14°C
Wind northeast 10-19mph
Rainfall 0-1mm

Any early cloud will soon clear to give a day of mostly unbroken unshine.
It will feel pleasant out of the wind although with temperatures rather cool in comparison with last week.
Temperature 16-17°C in the east and south but around 20°C elsewhere
Wind northeast 12-21mph becoming 10-19mph although turning more east-southeast along eastern, southern and western coasts for a time