June 22nd, Latest forecast

  • 22 Jun 2022

A very warm day with unbroken sunshine throughout. Cooling breezes around some of the islands coasts though.
Temperature 24-26°C but around 19°C on windward coasts
Wind east-northeast 10-18mph becoming east-southeast later but with onshore breezes around the coasts

A fine and mostly clear night ahead, although perhaps a slight increase in cloud cover towards dawn.
Temperature 11-13°C in general but as low as 8°C in some low lying rural spots although closer to 16°C around the breezier coastal regions
Wind northeast 2-6mph becoming 4-9mph although around 9-16mph in more coastal areas

A lot more cloud around than on recent days, along with the risk of some showery rain moving up from the south, perhaps a few heavy outbreaks likely here and there. Later in the day some brighter spells are likely to develop as the rain moves away to the north.
Temperature 18-20°C
Wind east 9-18mph becoming south-southwest 11-19mph later
Rainfall 1-5mm with locally variable amounts