August 4th, Latest forecast

  • 04 Aug 2022

A fine and pleasantly warm day with sunny spells and broken cloud. The afternoon will see an increase in high, thin cloud and this will make the sunshine very hazy at times.
Temperature 22-24°C but closer to 20°C in the far south and west
Wind northwest 9-18mph but becoming west-southwest during the afternoon across most of the island, however staying west-northwest in the far north and east

A fine, dry and mostly clear night but perhaps a little high, thin cloud drifting through at times.
Temperature 13-15°C
Wind north-northwest 11-20mph

Another fine, warm and mostly sunny day with just occasional patches of high thin cloud.
Temperature 22-24°C but closer to 20°C in the south and west
Wind north-northwest 12-21mph but becoming west-southwest across the southern and western half of the island during the afternoon.