Latest Forecasts

January 18th, Latest forecast
  • 18 Jan 2020
  • Today A fine and mostly sunny day with just occasional patchy cloud during the morning. During the afternoon the cloud is likely to increase somewhat but it will remain dry. Temperature 6’c to 7’c Wind WNW 2-6mph becoming N 4-11mph Localised mist early on and a slight chance of the odd rural icy patch but […]

January 17th, Latest forecast
  • 17 Jan 2020
  • Today A fairly bright day with occasional sunny spells but also a scattering of showers, some of which may be heavy with the risk of hail. Temperature 8’c to 9’c at first but dropping during the afternoon with 6’c to 7’c more likely Wind WSW 14-24mph becoming WNW shortly after midday with gusts up to […]

January 16th, Latest forecast
  • 16 Jan 2020
  • Today Early brightness but cloud will increase with some showery rain moving in from the southwest, especially by late afternoon. Temperature 11’c to 12’c Wind SSE 23mph gusting to 36mph becoming S 32mph gusting to 50mph Rainfall 2-5mm (locally variable amounts) Roads becoming wet later with gusty winds   Tonight Rain at first but this […]

January 15th, Latest forecast
  • 15 Jan 2020
  • Today Cloud and rain soon clearing away to the east through the morning allowing some sunny spells to develop this afternoon although still a chance that the odd shower could move through. Temperature 10’c to 11’c Wind W 6-12mph becoming 19mph gusting to 34mph as we move into the afternoon Rainfall 1-2mm Wet roads but […]

January 14th, Latest forecast
  • 14 Jan 2020
  • Today Outbreaks of rain at times, some of which may be heavy, especially later. Risk of low cloud and hill fog. Temperature 10’c to 11’c Wind S 21mph gusting to 38mph becoming SSW 32mph gusting to 56mph this afternoon and increasing to 35mph gusting to 65mph by the evening Rainfall 4-6mm Wet roads this morning […]

January 13th, Latest forecast
  • 13 Jan 2020
  • Today Sunny spells, broken cloud and the odd scattered shower through the morning and into the first part of the afternoon, although as we move through the afternoon the cloud will thicken from the west as the evenings weather system approaches. The rain will arrive by late afternoon/early evening along with increasingly gusty winds. Temperature […]

January 12th, Latest forecast
  • 12 Jan 2020
  • Today Early cloud and rain quickly clearing away to leave behind a mixture of sunny spells, broken cloud and the odd scattered shower. Temperature 9’c to 11’c Wind WSW 19mph gusting to 31mph with occasional gusts of up to 38mph Rainfall less than 1mm Wet roads early but drying quickly through the morning. Gusty winds […]

January 11th, Latest forecast
  • 11 Jan 2020
  • Today Mostly cloudy with the risk of some patchy drizzle in places. Temperature 10’c to 11’c Wind SW 23mph gusting to 39mph becoming SSW Rainfall less than 1mm Damp roads in places as well as gusty winds   Tonight Remaining mostly cloudy with further spells of drizzle in places. Later in the night a an […]

January 10th, Latest forecast
  • 10 Jan 2020
  • Today A fine day with sunny spells and broken cloud. It will feel less mild than it has done recently. Temperature 7’c to 8’c Wind NW becoming WNW 8-13mph becoming WSW later     Tonight Some clear spells at first but the cloud will gradually increase as the night goes on. There could be a […]

January 9th, Latest forecast
  • 09 Jan 2020
  • Today A few bright spells during the rest of the morning but low cloud will also affect the hills and some of the higher routes. As we move into the afternoon we will see some showery rain pushing up from the south and southwest, some of which may be rather heavy. Towards the end of […]