Before you read the article it is important to note that we are NOT expecting to see any snow on the ground at sea level, or at least at the moment it looks very unlikely.


Cold air spreading SE tomorrow afternoon

Over the next few days we will start to see some colder weather, or should I say cold in comparison to what we have experienced over the last few months.
With this colder weather we may well see something of a wintry flavor, especially tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.

Rain showers with a hint of something wintry starting to mix in (hail and sleet)

Throughout tomorrow daytime we will see showers, some may be heavy with the risk of hail and possibly even with some sleet mixed in. As we move towards the evening a band of heavy and somewhat more persistent rain will move through, and as this spell moves through we will see the temperature drop significantly leading to the risk of sleet and perhaps even a little snow mixed in although the highest risk of this will be over the hills. The rain, sleet and snow will move through quite quickly which will lead to some clearer spells for a time before further showers push in from the WNW and these will likely be of snow.
How many showers there will be and how heavy they will be is very uncertain at the moment as showers are almost impossible to predict exactly when and where they will occur, but any direct impacts from these showers will lead to snow falling almost

Showers turning increasingly wintry.
Note the temperature of 2’c to 3’c with moderate precipitation

anywhere across the island, however we are not really expecting any accumulation although the downs may see a dusting.
Wednesday will be rather chilly although most likely remaining dry in many parts but the odd scattered shower of rain, hail or sleet cant be completely ruled out.

On Thursday another interesting event has been showing on the charts although it is highly uncertain what exactly will happen.

Small low with cold air close by

At the moment it looks like a small area of low pressure will run eastwards just to the south of the island bringing some rain, sleet and possible hill snow once again to some places, but it all depends on the exact position of this small low pressure system.
If it drifts a little further north then we will see just rain, but a little further south would leave us in dry conditions.
We will be keeping a very close watch on this event over the next few days.

Chilly air again towards the weekend

As we move into the weekend it seems likely that another short spell of rather chilly weather will arrive from the WNW, this is likely to bring us showers once again, some of which may be heavy but also with the risk of hail, sleet and perhaps hill snow or even a few flakes at lower elevations in the heavier showers.