What are the chances of that elusive snowy seasonal celebration this year?



The latest data suggests a fairly mild Christmas day with low pressure to the west and high pressure to the east. Winds coming up from the southerly quadrant seem the most plausible with wind and rain effecting areas to the west of the island and drier weather to the east, therefor we are likely to be on the boundary of the two weather types. However, a slight shift in the weather pattern could allow colder air to creep in from the east but at the moment the risk seems rather low.

This info will be updated again on Saturday


Our White Christmas forecast will be updated once or twice a week through November and every day throughout December, although the forecast will likely change a fair amount as we approach the 25th.
For it to be counted as an official White Christmas we need 1 snowflake, yes that’s right just 1 snowflake to fall on the Isle of Wight on Christmas day.

The White Christmas forecast is the product of multiple long/medium range computer models which include the JMA Seasonal, ECMWF Seasonal, the med and long range GFS, CFS and the CFS2. The data is fed into our very own software and the forecast is the end result!

This forecast is mostly just for fun, but there is at least some science behind the predictions!